CATS Global

Convergence of knowledge domains through Consulting, Advisory, Training, Solutions

CATS Global is a knowledge startup in the realm of convergence & confluence of domains, technologies, methods and outcome with a mission to achieve aspired living for the individuals, the partners and the society. The enterprise aims at revival of the  antiquity and philosophy of CA-TCG (popularly CATS) – an enterprise of repute, in bringing state-of-the-art enterprise IT solutions early in the nation.

CATS Global, also aliased as CATS, is to bring forth the services – Consultancy, Advisory, Training and Solutions.

CATS is being incorporated in dual entities – Growth / Profit  and Societal / Non-profit

Guiding Principles defining the CATS journey towards an enterprise of global repute

  • Co-created Service design towards high customer, partner and stakeholder value and their business fulfillment
  • Inorganic growth path incorporating entrepreneurial Subject matter experts and industry leads.
  • Consulting and solutions paving the way for Projectized and  Experiential learning within Training services
  • Blended delivery platform with efficient remote delivery expandable to larger geographies
  • Agile and iterative development towards market relevance, failing fast and aligning faster
  • Open organization structure bound by our value framework, supporting inclusive growth

Focus areas within the services portfolio of Consulting | Advisory | Training | Solutions


Domain specific and agnostic Best practices, Quality and Tools within and beyond Service management


Trending and innovative technologies and methods marrying appropriately with domain verticals


Technology solutions towards CSR activities of corporates, augmenting their business reputation.

Let's Co-create

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